May 27, 2009

Baby Dude Goes to Mendocino

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a cute little house on the Mendocino coast that we rented with Allegra, Lisa, Dom, Jon, Haav and Kevin (the newly engaged couple!). There were great views of the ocean and sunsets from every room and we could hear seals barking day and night.

Most of the trip was spent reading gossip magazines and playing bocce, dominoes and of course, Catchphrase. We brought some gourmet caterers (aka Haav and Allegra) that made sure we were well fed at all times. It was also the first trip to Mendocino for Ben, Baby Dude’s future buddy, and Dom &Jon’s darling son. He was very well behaved and was usually already taking his morning nap by the time we woke up in the morning (uh, oh).

We mainly stuck around the house, but did venture out to the Little River Inn for a fabulous breakfast. The waitress brought out complimentary champagne for everyone as well, the irony, sob sob. Here is a picture of Mike and I in front of the cute little Inn:

Next Memorial Day we are going to have a 7 month old son. How crazy is that?

May 21, 2009

We are Halfway there!

As of today, I am five months pregnant and halfway there (yes, pregnancy is 10 months….we don’t get it either). So far, Baby Dude has all kinds of goodies. Cute board books, stuffed animals and of course, clothes! Mike and Grandma Robin went to Build-A-Bear at AT&T park and built a Lou Seal stuffed animal (this was before we knew we were having a boy, btw!). Mike was very proud of himself until he took me to the store and I pointed out that our friend Lou was for ages 3 and up. I guess that means Lou Seal is sticking around for a few years.

I also succumbed to a recent Neiman Marcus sale and stocked up on some pretty adorable clothes. I got baby this super cute Ralph Lauren newborn gown (below). When I sent Mike the order confirmation his reply was: “You bought our son a gown? Take it back now!” I have since confirmed that gowns are for boys as well and it is now hanging in baby’s closet. I have a feeling Mike is never going to dress Baby Dude in the gown on his own…oh well.

I have also experienced a pregnancy milestone that I was pretty sure would come at some point: inappropriate pregnancy comment #1. Upon finding out that I was pregnant yesterday, a girl at my work (who I don’t know very well, but who seems very nice), proceeded to tell me how funny that was. She told me that she was walking by my desk the day before and noticed that I had a little stomach and since she always thought of me as such a twig (her words, not mine), she felt a lot better about herself after seeing my belly. Then she said, “And now I find out that it’s because you have a baby in there, shoot!” OMG.

May 13, 2009

Our Future Soccer Player…

I have been feeling the baby kick for a few days now and it is just so darn cool. I know Mike’s super jealous, but I don’t feel too bad for him since he wasn’t the one that felt totally sick and nauseous for three plus months. I don’t really know how to describe how it feels, but since I know it’s a kick, that’s kind of what it feels like to me. A very, very, very soft kick.

Mike and I played some Dave Matthews for Baby Led (or Baby Dude as we have taken to calling him) last night and I kept expecting him to kick, but nope. Maybe he’s just not a DMB fan?

May 11, 2009

Mother’s Day is Fun!

Yesterday was my first mother’s day and boy was I spoiled. I woke up to fresh cut roses from our garden followed by a tastykake (it’s like the East Coast version of a hostess treat) in bed.

We then headed up to Santa Rosa where we hosted brunch for Robin. Adina and I put together a citrus/orange and yellow theme, which turned out very cute...

After Brunch, Mike and I went antiquing in Petaluma. This is pretty much Mike’s least favorite activity and I wish I could say that he was patient, but not so much. After hearing about how much he “hates old junk and only likes pottery barn” for about an hour, we headed back to the car empty handed.

After a little pit stop at Mike’s favorite store in the whole wide world (The Container Store – and for those that know Mike, this is so fitting), we headed over to Sausalito. My Mother’s Day treat was dinner at the restaurant at Cavallo Point! I had been wanting to go here forever and it did not disappoint. The weather was gorgeous, the views phenomenal, and the food absolutely scrumptious.

To top off my lovely day, I even got presents! Robin and Richard got me a cute blue wallet for my little purses and Mike got me a little pregnant teddy bear named Ima Late AND a fancy Digital Elph camera. Perfect to capture pictures of our little boy. So far, I like this whole being a mother thing.

May 6, 2009

It's a...............BOY!!!

It's official...Baby Led is a boy. I already bought him an outfit to wear for St. Patty's Day 2010, so I forced Mike to pose with it. We will post pictures from the ultrasound tomorrow. The technician said our baby was very photogenic, evidenced by the 20+ pictures she sent us home with! Will post more later, time to shop.

May 5, 2009

Baby Led Goes to Vegas

Baby Led and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas for Alysen’s bachelorette party. We arrived really late on Friday night (love those SFO delays) with Melissa, Jennie and Christina and proceeded to spend our first half hour in Vegas in the taxi line. We stayed at Green Valley Ranch which is about 30 minutes off the strip, which was perfect for me since it was a little less rowdy, smoky, slutty and all those other things you find in Vegas. Saturday night was our big night out and we had a really nice dinner at Nove in the Palms followed by The Playboy Club (I heard Hef was there, but I didn’t see him) and Moon Nightclub. They were playing some great music (they had Mash-ups, Ped) and I even did a little sober dancing..gulp. As much fun as I had celebrating the end of Alysen’s single days…I am going to try to never visit Vegas again sober. It’s hard to visit sin city and be so sin-free.