November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby Nate is enjoying his first Thanksgiving at Mimi and Grandpa Jerry's in Hermosa Beach. He just got back from a long walk on the strand in the 75+ degree weather. He has been doing lots of smiling since he got to Southern California...hmm, I wonder if he is trying to tell us something?

November 2, 2009

Guess Who is One Month Old Today?!

Yep, Nate is having his one month birthday today. He is celebrating by taking a nice long nap. He will probably have a nice big meal of milk too. Hopefully his birthdays get more exciting as he gets older!

Caught him with a little smile

Nate's wishing mom would leave him alone and let him nap

Uh oh, Nate's temper kicking in


Halloween took a turn for the mellow this year. Here is a pic of my boys before 10 pm!

Nate opened his eyes for about 30 minutes on the night of Halloween. I'm not sure if he actually noticed he was dressed as a penguin, but it looks like he knew mom and dad were up to something.

Here is Nate earlier in the day with his carved Nate pumpkin. He is super excited that it is Halloween!