November 1, 2011

I love Elmo

Ok, I don't really love Elmo. But I do love this little guy. This was the first year that he was able to enjoy of my very favorite holidays. We got a little carried away.

Nate is right on track to love candy just as much as his mommy (and cookies and cupcakes, etc.). I never offer him junk food, but somehow when it's in the vicinity he just knows it's what he wants. "Nate wants that" is a common phrase. And how cute is his pumpkin with his name carved into it? So far he has been grown his own carved pumkin every year..what a lucky guy.

Family halloween pic. The sign on my belly says "bun in the oven" and Mike's sign says, "pastry chef." He held his sign for about 10 seconds all night. Obviously, this isn't Nate's best picture, but hey, I am 8.5 months I had to pick my best picture, of course : )

We went over to best buddy Ben's house for dinner and trick or treating. I love to see Nate with Ben because he just gets giddy and crazy. It totally cracks me up. Aren't their light up robot fingers cool? Thanks Domi!

We hit up Burton Valley for trick or treating. These folks don't mess around when it comes to their decorations. Pretty cool.

There were some serious crowds. That cute couple in the middle way in the back is the adorable Buran family and baby Will. Obviously, I failed on the picture front, but it was Will's first halloween and he is just too adorable. He slept through most of trick or treating.

I made this Halloween treat, which I am pretty sure is from Christina Tossi's Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. I got the recipe online somewhere, but now I can't find it anywhere. Oooops. Either way, pretty yum. I think I want the cookbook. Right up my alley. And ya'll know how I feel about Momofuku Milk Bar treats.

Domi made these little fingers out of puff pastry and roasted tomatoes. Again, yum.

LOVE, love, love Halloween. And it's even more fun now that Nate loves it too. And now that it's over, I get to start Christmas shopping (ummm, who am I kidding, I have been doing that for months).