March 31, 2011

Big Day

Today is a big day for the L Family...SF Giants Opening Day.

My two hard core Giants fan couldn't be more excited about 6-7 months of 3+ hour games, 3+ days a week. I, on the other hand, want to scream. It's baseball season again? Already?? Nooooo! Say it ain't so.

"Go Giants" were Nate's first and second words (closely following banana). He throws his little arm in the air and yells out, "Go Giants." As a matter of fact, he was doing it at 3am last night. He was obviously too excited to sleep.

The day I found out I was having a boy, I just knew I was going to be outnumbered. And so it begins....

Long, long games at AT&T Park (which last year I likened to taking Nate on the airplane). I would read a magazine, but I don't want to get scribbled out on TV by the announcers. The Giants blaring on not one, not two, but three TV's so that hubs doesn't miss a moment of the action. Loud, obnoxious baseball claps. What's a girl to do?? Sigh. Sigh. Happy baseball season hubs.

March 29, 2011

Hint Hint

I need want one of these! Real bad. Hint hint to hubs. This would go real nice with a new iphone 4.

daninotes has cuuute stuff. I've been swooning over the trays and plates forevs. I like.

March 28, 2011

Nate and Mommy

Hubs spent the weekend in Tahoe for a bachelor party and I got to hang with Nate all weekend. We had sooo much fun. We ate waffles and drank spinach shakes (my new favorite thing - spinach, almond milk, apple, flax, whatever else is lying around). We made brownies - Nate helped by pouring a cup of vegetable oil on the kitchen floor. It was still fun. We went to Gymboree - Nate's new most favoritest thing to do. We went for a walk. Nate's godmother ("auntie" Haav) read him lots of books. Nate hid in the curtains and made my friends laugh. This is cute - even other people think so. We went to Ikea and got lucky enough to catch a real live train going by right next to the parking lot. Nate was THRILLED. He kept saying choo choo, choo choo. Oh and we snuggled...lots.




March 25, 2011

Numero Uno Cliche

Probably the number one cliche (closely followed by "sleep when the baby sleeps") is, "it goes so fast." I totally agree, but I can't help but cringe a little when somebody says it (or even worse, I say it!). Anyhoo, photo proof. Sorry, cringe for me.

St. Patty's Day 2010

St. Patty's Day 2011

We've been dealing with a lot of tantrums lately. I have a feeling this stage may not go quite as fast as the angelic sweet little boy phase that we are leaving : ) Happy Weekend. TGIF!

March 22, 2011

Cousin Love

A couple of weekends ago we brought Nate to San Francisco to see Curious George. At first Nate was a little bit scared of George (hey, I get it - imagine looking up at a monkey 4x your size). After a while, he wandered up and gazed at George in awe.

Nate's cousins Brennan and Ava made the trek out from Sacramento to meet us at the museum and have some lunch. Nate was very interested in his cousin Ava, who is 6 weeks older. Ava = not so interested.

After eyeing Ava for a bit, Nate decided to go in for the hug. Ava =not a fan of hugs from Nate.

Nate = confused. Why doesn't Ava want to hug me? Poor guy!

Nate's cousin Brennan and uncle Josh posing for a pic. We parked in the same parking lot hubs laptop was stolen from last year. Smart, huh?

Nate loves San Francisco. And his cousins!

March 15, 2011

I'm so excited!

Lemon Luna Bars in our snack pantry at work. Woo hoo! These are far and away my most favorite breakfast bars.

It's the little things....

March 14, 2011

Date Night

So, I'm totally a week behind, but last Monday hubs and I hit the town. After work we walked over to Prospect, a new-ish restaurant by the folks behind Boulevard. The bar was pretty full for a Monday and it was fun to feel like part of the city happy hour crowd. We had a drink and some yummy apps and then bar hopped our way over to Epic Roasthouse. Here we shared a big giant ridiculously yum burger and watched the Bay Bridge and East bay light up as it got dark. Two thumbs up for this spot!

After dinner/drinks we headed over to Davies Symphony Hall for the David Gray concert. Super awesome. We found this little balcony at the very top level of the Symphony Hall tucked away in the farthest corner of the building. And this, was our view from our private little balcony... City Hall. SF is a pretty gorge city.

Here is a pic from our nosebleed's safe to say I cheaped out. BUT, everything happens for a reason and if we weren't in the top rafters, we never would have found our cool balcony, so there. David Gray was amazing, but embarrasingly enough, after two+ hours we hadn't recognized one song that he played. Fail, right?! So finally, he plays Babylon and hubs wakes up (seriously) and drags me out the door. Just as we are passing by the Orchestra seats on our way out, I hear he is playing my favorite song...This Year's Love. So we head back in and listen to This Year's Love and Sail Away (another song I love!) from the Orchestra. All's well that ends well.

We've been busy doing lots of fun stuff now that everyone is FINALLY healthy. Bad news is that we've been so busy we haven't had time to upload pictures off the camera. Maybe tonight.


March 8, 2011

L Family Likes Larson

Nate likes wine tasting just as much as mommy. We took him to Larson Family Winery (they bill themselves a family-friendly winery, so perfect!) in Sonoma this weekend and he was just a perfect little angel. The highlight was supposed to be the goats and sheep, but sadly it was raining and they were huddled in the back of their pens. We quickly figured out that we super heart Larson. Not only do they have bocce (my favorite - challenge me, I dare you!), they also have ladder ball, cornhole, kids cars and a coloring table. To top it all off, they served us some yum wine in a jug. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

When we walked inside, Nate made his way over to the coloring table and proceeded to sit quietly for our whole 5 tastes of wine! Instead of coloring, he dumped out the crayons and put them away. A boy after his daddy's heart.

Eventually, Nate figured out that he could bang the tin crayon holders on the metal table and make lots of noise. That was our cue to wrap it up.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman. A woman who raised 4 lovely daughters (if I do say so myself) while getting her bachelor and master degrees. A woman who has owned her own business, spent hours carpooling/volunteering/troop leadering, and embarked on a new career in her 50's. A gourmet chef, a yogi, Nate's mimi...our mom.

Happy Birthday mom! XOXO.