October 28, 2010

All Things Orange....

First things first...in case you missed it (which I highly doubt!) the Giants won the first game of the world series last night. Hubby went to the game and came home wearing a Giants jersey, Giants jacket, Giants neck lanyard thing and toting an orange pom pom and six (he swears they weren't all his) plastic Giants beer cups. It's safe to say he is excited. I'm a little excited too, but only a teeny tiny bit given my hate/hate relationship with baseball and the Giants. I know that's the least popular thing I could say right now (unless you are from Texas of course!), but hey, it's my blog and at least I said I was a teeny tiny bit excited. Here is a picture of my bestie celebrating last night. I stole this pic from Facebook...not sure if that's legal : )

I am also VERY excited to see Nate in his adorable little pumpkin costume this weekend. We actually did a run-through about a month ago because I'm impatient like that, but I am still very excited to see my almost 13 month old sport his costume. He is probably going to hate me someday for making him wear this, but this is my year. Sorry baby. Next year you can be something cool and boyish like a robot or a monster, but this year you are my cuddly round pumpkin.

And of course, how could I resist the matching treat bag (monogrammed of course!) I am thinking about dressing up like a pumpkin, too. Not sure if I am really that much of a nerd, though. We'll see!

Happy Happy Halloween! I promise to post Nate's pumpkin pictures next week. Husband, just for you, Go Giants!

October 15, 2010


I haven't been the best blogger lately. As always, life has just been CRAZY. It has been wedding madness along with someone's big FIRST birthday.

A couple of weekends ago Mike was a groomsmen in one of his childhood friend's weddings in Sonoma. It was on a private estate and it was gorgeous! The bride attended to every little detail including pashminas and s'mores at the rehearsal dinner (right up my alley!) After the wedding, the bride and groom invited the bridal party and dates to a dinner at a darling Sonoma restaurant. Dinner was followed by a trip to a divey Santa Rosa bar, which we rode to in the bride and groom's limo, of course.

In the midst of all this wedding madness, our little baby boy turned ONE. I can hardly believe it! We threw him a little cowboy shindig at our house. If I ever have time, maybe I'll even post pics since I stole most of my ideas from the blogosphere. He dove right into his first cake, not surprisingly. He had a really fun day. The whole Davidson clan came up from LA/SLO to celebrate (and help cook, ha ha).

Last weekend was the long awaited (some might say 11 years, since these two met in high school!) wedding of Adina (Mike's sister/my SIL) and Sean (her awesome now husband). They had the most awesome wedding weather and their whole wedding weekend was just perfect! Below are the lovely bride and groom stopping at In-N-Out to pick up burgers for everyone to eat at the post-party (awesome touch, now if only we could remember whose idea that was : )

And the L family. Nate was a ring bearer and wore his first tux. Unfortunately, he got hungry on the way down the aisle and had to eat the flower from his lapel!

The Sunday after Adina's wedding, I flew down to LA to see my old (as in, we have known each other a long time!) friend Brandy get married on the beach. She was a stunning bride with TWO beautiful dresses. Unfortunately, I didn't really take any pictures : ( Here is one snapped from my iphone pre-ceremony. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous beach day. I get beachsickness, my own made up variation of homesickness, whenever I go down to LA.

As you can see we have been having a fabulous September/October. I'm off to soak up some sun in AZ next week. Ok, well really, there will be some work and some play, but 85 degrees and the pool at the Phoenician sounds perfect to me.

TTFN. I hope fall is treating you well. Eat some candy corn and don't miss me too much. XOXO.