August 10, 2011

East Coast 2011

We made our 2nd annual East Coast L family summer excursion last month to visit two of my favorite people: gram and gramps.

We took Nate to the Ocean City boardwalk for dinner and rides one night. He had a BLAST. I have been going to the boardwalk since I was a little kid and it was so much fun to be able to bring him to all my favorite spots.

We took a cheesy family photo in the Ocean City flip flops. Not really sure what's up with faces peeking out of the middle of sunglasses, but I still love these things.

Nate was big enough to go on quite a few rides by himself. He was beyond excited. When it was time to go eat dinner, he was literally digging his heels into the boardwalk because he didn't want to leave the rides.

We made it up to him by letting him go on a "special ride" with grandma. Who needs a stroller when you have a walker?

Of course we stopped for vanilla Kohr's with rainbow sprinkles before we left. This soft serve is my favorite and I just haven't found anything that compares in Cali. I'm not going to lie, I don't really like sharing my dessert with Nate. I guess that's what happens when you become a mom.

Nate went to pose for a picture with Mr. Taffy, but changed his mind when he got there. Luckily, I got a picture on the approach.

We also went to visit Lucy in Margate. Lucy is another one of my childhood favorites and Nate got an absolute kick out of the giant elephant. He is the tiny dot by Lucy's paw.

We spent a day at the beach in Margate. Nate and cousin Andrew went for a swim and stomped on sandcastles. Nate also did some serious seagull chasing and collected seashells.

We ended our trip with a 24 hour jaunt to NYC to visit some of our besties. Rod and Charlotte had sweet baby Adrian 5 weeks before we came. They totally have the parenting (and strollers on the subway in NYC..yikes) thing down. Adrian was a perfect angel at Otto (Mario Batali I heart you). Nate not so much.

Nate found NYC and FAO Schwartz so exciting that he decided to skip his nap. This made for a very interesting day/dinner. He perked up after dinner when we went to meet Grandpa Jerry at Momofuku Milk Bar.

Momofuku cookies are GOOD. Seriously. We bought an assortment and I snacked on them for days.

And what better way to make your toddler happy at 10pm at night after he has napped for 25 minutes all day (really!) than give him some cereal milk ice cream. I'm not sure if he was more excited about Papa Jerry or the ice cream...but either way, he was happy.

All in all, a perfect trip. I love spending time with our friends and family, eating too much food and keeping Nate up past his bedtime. Oh and the East Coast heat wave...bring it on. Such a great vacation.

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