February 8, 2012

Alligator Bites

I love that Nate will eat alligator...and even ask for more when it's all gone.

We went to Union Square for some shopping with Uncle Brian and Aunt Michelle last night. We tried out a cute new Southern place called Hops and Hominy tucked down a little alley right near union square. Nate was actually excited for dinner when I told him he was going to have crocodile. I was looking forward to ordering the alligator po'boy, but they didn't have it on the menu last night so we had to settle for the alligator bites. They tasted a lot like chicken nuggets. Anything fried is a-ok in my book. Extra props to the restaurant for not being jerks to us even though we walked in with our ginormous double stroller and two crazy kiddos.

Even though it doesn't look like he likes it from this pic, I promise he did : )

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