October 11, 2011

Big Boy Bed

The big boy bed has been a very popular topic at our house for the last couple of months. We ordered Nate a full bunk bed that came ages ago, but we told him that he had to wait until he was two to move on in.

So then he turned two and we realized...it was time to take the plunge. Nate's nursery is directly adjoining to our bedroom, so this was a big step for us too. We used to be able to pop our heads up out of bed and see him in his crib. Not so much anymore since he is on the opposite end of the house. We thought the transition was going to be super tough, because that's what we have heard from just about everyone...So we braced ourselves for the worst.

At dinner before his first night in his big boy bed (last Thursday), we let him open his big boy bed present...new Batman pajamas. Then we got him ready for bed, read him a couple of books and closed the door. And would you believe it...he was sleeping in 5 minutes. The next morning at his usual wake up time (way too early) we heard him through the monitor, "momma pick you up." Someone had told me to drill into his head that no matter what, he does not get out of his big boy bed. I guess we have a rule follower (you could have fooled me!) because so far he hasn't. Last night was night four of operation big boy bed and though it took him a little while to fall asleep, he still hasn't gotten out of bed. Is it really going to be this easy? Obviously, we'll take it.

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