September 19, 2011

Brian & Michelle Get Married

We spent Labor Day weekend up in Hood River, Oregon for this lovely couple's (aka Brian & Michelle aka my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) wedding. They got married at Gorge Crest Vineyards in Oregon. The venue was absolutely stunning. There was a view of Mt. Hood behind the ceremony and the cutest little barn-like building that the reception was held in.

Nate was the ring bearer and since we were in Washington and didn't have a babysitter, he joined the party. This was his first wedding where he got to stay the entire night and he partied like a rockstar. He had his own high chair/table setting at the head table.

How cute is the cupcake display? Nate waited so patiently for a cupcake.

These rocking adirondacks were a real hit with Nate. I didn't mind hanging here because it meant I got to sit down. He is getting tired in this pic, but he spent a good portion of the night standing up in the chair and rocking back and forth as fast as he could. At one point, he even asked someone to get up so that he could rock.

After dancing like a maniac he was reaaaally tired.

But of course, not too tired for a cupcake. Like mother like son.

Family pic.

We went to Portland for a quick visit after the wedding. Nate loved hanging with his cousins. Megan and Avery were the best babysitters. The weather in Portland was beyond gorgeous and we ended up just kind of hanging out/letting the kids play.

Congrats again to the new Mr. & Mrs. L. Great party : )

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the dedicated post! Cute pics, Nate kind of stole the show on the dance floor and walking down the aisle!